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Rekrutmen dengan ISO 17799

Perusahaan sedang gencar-gencar melakukan rekrutmen, sekelebat saat aku mereview ISO 17799:2005 ternyata disana juga ada rekomendasi untuk memperhatikan segi rekrutmen. Ini kutipan yang diambil dari ISO 17799:2005 section Human resources security (8.1.2 Screening) :

  1. Verification checks should take into account all relevant privacy, protection of personal data and/or employment based legislation, and should, where permitted, include the following:
    1. availability of satisfactory character references, e.g. one business and one personal;
    2. a check (for completeness and accuracy) of the applicant’s curriculum vitae;
    3. confirmation of claimed academic and professional qualifications;
    4. independent identity check (passport or similar document);
    5. more detailed checks, such as credit checks or checks of criminal records.
  2. Where a job, either on initial appointment or on promotion, involves the person having access to information processing facilities, and in particular if these are handling sensitive information, e.g. financial information or highly confidential information, the organization should also consider further, more detailed checks.
  3. Procedures should define criteria and limitations for verification checks, e.g. who is eligible to screen people, and how, when and why verification checks are carried out.
  4. A screening process should also be carried out for contractors, and third party users. Where contractors are provided through an agency the contract with the agency should clearly specify the agency’s responsibilities for screening and the notification procedures they need to follow if screening has not been completed or if the results give cause for doubt or concern. In the same way, the agreement with the third party (see also 6.2.3) should clearly specify all responsibilities and notification procedures for screening.
  5. Information on all candidates being considered for positions within the organization should be collected and handled in accordance with any appropriate legislation existing in the relevant jurisdiction. Depending on applicable legislation, the candidates should be informed beforehand about the screening activities.


Mulai dari karakter, kelengkapan cv dan catatan criminal harus di uji. Rekomendasi bagus untuk melakukan rekrutmen.


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