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Little Note on Opendx run

DXlink is programmable interface provide from opendx (see the bad news is libDXL.a not included when you installed dx-4.4.4 nor dx-libs nor dx-devel nor dx-samples with all their dependencies. i’m using fedora core 9

you should download dx-4.4.4-9.tar.gz and compile it.
– you need to install kernel-devel, just run yum install kernel-devel.
– make  symbolic link : ln -s /usr/src/kernels/  /usr/include/linux/sys.h

– make  some changes on source main program on folder src/uipp/*/Main.C and base/application.h , the codes should be :
    int main(int iargc, char** argv){
    unsigned int argc = iargc;

– then configure and make and make install.

that should help you!.

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